Six-a-side Tournament - 4th August 2002

For the ninth year members of Lymington Cricket Club assembled with a mixture of trepidation and alcohol to take part in an inter-club six-a-side tournament, once again kindly sponsored by Coors Brewery. Previous winner Stu Simkins was obviously keen to recapture the title and interrupted his brief return to this country from Spain, where he now lives, to take part. Groans were soon evident when he was paired in Aaron Heal's team making them strong favourites as well as the most multicultural team with Marc O'Sullivan (full of Eastern promise), Andrew Isherwood (from South Africa) and Neill Denby (latterly of Hordle!). It was Will Naylor however that guided them to victory in the first match despite 25 retired from Matt Molloy.

With all the players being accompanied by music as they went out to bat Simon Judd seemed keen to test the dexterity of the DJ's in quickly changing the tracks by running himself out without scoring in the second match. This could not prevent Wayne Smith guiding his team to victory after Ian Young had scored a rapid 29. With the sun beating down and the vast expanse of the Lymington Sports Ground being patrolled by only four outfielders this was no place for the old or infirmed. Clearly noone had pointed this out to Tony Wharton, as this particular old dog seemed keen to learn new tricks.

The fielding ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous, with Craig Tapper displaying both in the matter of just a few balls. The heat of the day, as well as the heat of battle proved too much for David Scott who, despite managing to score a run still had words of wisdom for the umpires. Perhaps it was the release of this anger that enabled him to win the fastest delivery of the day showing that he can bowl a cricket ball as quickly as he can throw his toys.

Despite the efforts of run-machine for the day Damian Jayasinghe, Wayne Smith's team ploughed through the group phase. If they made the final effortlessly then perhaps a little more effort would have helped Trevor Phillips team who only won their last group match – still, what's the point of having a brewer sponsor the day without taking advantage of the fact?

After allowing everyone to make fools of themselves by proving how incapable most of them are of hitting a set of stumps attention turned to the final where the best of Australia and Netley View came head to head. Despite retirements from both Simkins and Heal the bookies odds were shown to be hopelessly wrong as they slipped to defeat.

Thus it was Wayne Smith who led his team to collect their trophy – looking suspiciously like large bottles of Grolsch and other goodies supplied by the sponsors, whilst Neill Denby collected the award – had there been one – as most valuable player of the day. Thanks were given to the sponsors, to umpires Barry Gough and Barry Marriott and to Trevor Phillips for organising the day.

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