Robin Goff - 50 n.o.

At the annual dinner a special award was presented to Robin Goff, who this year will chalk up his 50th season with the club. Those present were given a brief resume of Robin's time with the club which has seen him win player of the year for the top three teams, including first team twice (1967 & 1971, 1957 and 1996 respectively). Given these achievements it is remarkable to think his first century for the club came as recently as 1993. In addition to which, he was also first team captain in 1962.

Other positions held have included Sunday team captain (1968 – the same year the pavilion burnt down, although Robin assures everyone the two facts are unrelated).

Appropriately he was also a founder member of the bar committee (1971), whilst today, when not stood behind the stumps for the 4th team, he can often be spotted passing away the hours rolling the Sports Ground wicket.

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