Australian Night

Strewth mate ! The day Dame Edna came to Lymo . . .

The second theme night of the season saw the clubhouse take on an Australian feel with canary yellow and green balloons and pictures from Down Under adorning the walls. There was also a barbecue with delightful Antipodean specialities such as ostrich burgers and crocodile steaks. The club's resident pianist - 'Super' Lewis Gregory (below left) - entertained the crowd with a fine rendition of Waltzing Matilda, which is more than can be said for Aaron and Fred whose singing talents gave a large hint as to why Australia's musical prowess begins and ends with Rolf Harris. The wibbly wobbly boomerang throwing game was won by the combined Thirds & Fourths team, while Guy 'Picasso' Hayward's surreal interpretation of Meg Gannaway won him first prize in the painting competition and a fortnight in Broadmoor.

Finally the evening was rounded off by a guest appearance from Australia's most famous superstar - Dame Edna Everage (right). Resplendent in her flowery crimplene dress and accompanying ferret fur, Dame Edna answered questions from the audience before being whisked off for a night of passion in Tony Wharton's shiny red Bedford Rascal.

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