Irish Night

On Saturday night, for a change the phrase "where's the crack" didn't produce the reply "hanging out of McGuirk's trousers!" as club members enjoyed an evening of Irish related activities allied to a celebration of Adie Hunt's 21st Birthday.

There were ample opportunities for the club's performers to strut their stuff in front of a lively and inebriated audience. Proceedings were opened by our regular master of ceremonies Trevor Phillips, who went through a range of photos from Adie's childhood proving that although he may have grown up in years, his height has been the same since he was 11!

Some quality was brought to the evening by a superb solo performance of "You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All" by Jason Noble who justly deserved the loudest and longest applause of the evening. However the entertainment returned to its usual standard when his father Chris took the stage for a full blown sing-a-long medley including Shine on Harvest Moon, You are my sunshine & his infamous "Beer" song (Mrs Hayward declined her invite, claiming she was busy dry-cleaning her cardigan!). Chris' departure saw the arrival of more entertaining wannabees with Tony Jenkin & Adie Hunt engaged in a rather unusual version of "Old McDonald" (not one suitable for the kids!") and Lou Gregory bringing a touch of the good-old-days to proceedings with his rendition of "Paddy McGinty's Goat" and "Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud!"...Even our Aussie Aaron Heal insisted on having a go with his shockingly poor "Magnificent men in maroon" song. But once again the evening was rescued by our excellent host Trevor Phillips, who along with Adie Hunt closed with a spectacular performance as Kirsty McColl and Shane McGowan singing "Fairytale of New York".

All this was intermingled with a selection of the usual party games including the Potato Eating Challenge starring Ali Illes, Aaron Heal and the winner Matt Allen; a road building competition which was won by Aaron & Fred (mainly because Fred was the only sober participant); and some kind of unclear game where the contestants had to find some food in the club house while blindfolded. The latter game merely leading to Tapper falling over the clubhouse step and Chernobyl destroying one of the tables! Adie also 'briefly" enjoyed his pint of nasty in celebration of his 21st, the aftermath of which we have photos of but aren't prepared to put them on the website (but we will forward them to you if you wish!)

An excellent array of food was laid on by Chris and Janet Hunt in honour of Adie's birthday and Bob honoured proceedings in the way he knows best by having a happy hour on selected booze, all of which helped to oil proceedings nicely!

Our thanks go to Trevor for putting on an evening of his usual high standards; Bob and Ali for looking after us so well behind the bar; all of our 'entertainers' for the pleasure of their 'company' and everyone for turning up to cracking good evening. Roll on Dublin!!

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