Italian Night 2002

With the Pope's special envoy to Lymington, Father Pietro Tappeti-Tappeti, giving the evening his personal blessing, the club's Italian Night was always likely to be something special. It followed the usual formula (well, if it ain't broke don't try to fix it!) with music, games and cheap beer to keep an expectant audience happy. There was also some superb Italian delicacies prepared by the Neopolitan/Glaswegan Chef Anne di Maria.

On the musical front Lew Gregory flew in direct from La Scala (Cleethorpes) to perform 'O Sole Mio' and other classical Italian ditties. Meg Gannaway and Dominic Di Maria's attempt at 'That's Amore' was perhaps not quite so classy, but still pretty stirring nonetheless. Lymington's answer to Renée and Renate (Meg and Trevor) had the crowd on their feet (and out of the door!) with a rousing rendition of 'The Naples Ferry' (which sounded suspiciously like 'The Woolston Ferry').

As one might expect from an Italian Night, all the competitions were keenly fought with lots of allegations of bribery and corruption and numerous off-the-ball incidents. Unfortunately the hundred metres backward dash was cancelled when both competitors changed sides at the last minute. However, the scooter race did take place with the First & Second XIs triumphing over the combined Thirds & Fourths. Dave Coles took the honours in the Pizza Hurling contest, although were claims from fellow contestant Bob Iles that Colesy had used a banned topping. Home advantage definitely paid off in the Strega Drinking and Hairiest Armpit contests which were won by Dominic and Luigi Di Maria respectively. The final competition of the night was the Bottom Pinching Contest which saw the expert panel of judges - Kerry, Margaret Osey and Wendy Moore - examine all the exhibits at least five times before nominating Martin Gregory as the Lymington cricketer with the most pinchable bottom.

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