Scottish Night

Flings ain't what they used to be!

Tam o'shanters, tartan scarves and deep fried Mars Bars were in abundance at the Sports Ground recently as Lymington Cricket Club turned Scottish for the evening. Whilst not as well supported as our previous Australian and Italian theme nights (many people must have taken the Scottish theme a little too literally and stayed at home to save money!), everyone in attendance agreed that it was the most enjoyable so far - even allowing for Meg Gannaway's singing!

Typical Scottish food was prepared by the only genuine Scot present - Anne Di McMaria. Her square sausages, potato cakes and deep fried Mars Bars lined the stomach perfectly for all the cheap beer that was on offer.

Several people joined in the fun by dressing up in Scottish garb, although we're still not sure if Wobbly's horrendous jacket was deliberate or just an unlucky co-incidence! The evening kicked off with a Haggis throwing contest. Participants used a variety of different techniques - from the underarm lob to the hand grenade style chuck. In the end it was Wayne McSmith who came out on top with a monstrous wang measured at 15.7 metres - a new games record.

Aaron McHeal triumphed in the final of the caber tossing, proving beyond doubt that Australians are by far the biggest tossers. No less keenly contested was the Loch Ness Monster game which was won by the Di Maria family who beat the Nobles by a long neck. Mike McHope's re-telling of an ancient Scottish rhyme about flatulence was highly appropriate for anyone who had just sampled the deep fried Mars Bars. A musical interlude was provided by Jason Noble who performed 'Walking in Pollockshields' by Richard McMarks. Jason's father - Mad Chris McNoble - then performed a stirring sword dance which has since led to a change of name to Chris 'McNotoes'. But for many the highlight, or should that be the lowlight, of the evening was the appearance of the Bay Village Rollers. They had the scarf-waving crowd on the edge of its seat with a rousing rendition of their Seventies classic 'Bye Bye Bashley'.

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