CJ Interview - July 2003
(Please note this does not have the release approval from the man himself!)

CJ welcome to the Lymingtoncc.com interview, can I call you CJ?
Thank you Ben, it's marvellous to be here! Yes, call me CJ, unless you own a restaurant in Malahide, then I prefer MR CJ!

Despite your many years on the circuit, your rise in profile only really kicked off on the back of your tour of Dublin last summer, why do you think that Dublin has such a success for you?
The people of Dublin were most appreciative of my music. They're more open to new acts over there and I also have to commend the chaps from the Lymington tour, they were fantastic all week. Just a shame they stiffed me by sticking me in a hotel with that Wharton chap, always using that damn laptop under the covers all night, kept me from my beauty sleep. I said if he didn't stop I'd pull my weapon on him, but this just seemed to cause even more frantic typing!!

Mmm, you mention the support of the Lymington guys, did this create any friction between you and the St Cross Posse when you returned home?
No they were fine, you have to realize that I'm universal, I speak to everyone and have to remain accessible to all, there's too much tribalism and rivalry in music these days, I believe the phrase is "spreading the bling around"

Speaking of rivalry, we're talking on the eve on the 2003 Brits, what's your reaction being snubbed, while people like Norman Cook and Craig David are living it up in the limelight?
Obviously one has the greatest respect for Craig and Norman they're producing out some fine tunes (although Craig, if you're waiting to make love to your girl till Wednesday, well son you'd better have been getting some good rest in on Monday and Tuesday). The Brits don't mean a great deal to me though, they're all about confirmation and commercial success, I'm prefer to keep it real with the people, I'm about edge – the outside edge – just want bring joy to the masses (well ideally the professional classes, but you can't be too fussy can you when you're looking to keep the bank manager smiling) and I really don't need chaps in poorly tailored suits telling me how cool I am.

You say that you like to keep it real, but unlike many other DJs, you are not from the ghetto, instead being from the somewhat more affluent, Winchester. Do you feel this has affected your performance style?
Look young man, I know what you are trying to say – 'hey, he's rich, what does he know about real?' Well I tell you, Jay-z, Puff Daddy, Tim Westwood, they're all financially well endowed too, just that they pretend they not. And anyway, who's more anti-establishment, a few guys who talk about it while driving round in big cars advertising Pepsi on their tours, or me –I worked for Barings Bank sure, big establishment body you might say, but where are they now? Maybe I was bringing them down from the inside OLD SKOOL! – by the way that's SKOOL with a 'K' – not like my school – ETON.

Were all aware of the pressures of DJing fame, highlighted in the recent Zoe Ball and Fat Boy Slim split. Do you feel that your relationship with your wife has been affected by your music?
Its sad what has happened to Zoe and Norm, they're nice people I'm sure, but me and my wife are just fine, she know's I can't be with any other woman - she knows it cos I can only do it once a week at my age, but she still knows it OK!

Any truth in the story that you'll be doing a similar event to FatBoy's Brighton beach party down at Milford on Sea?
Are you mad? That shingle bank b*****s my back up when I walk on it. Find me a flatter beach or Waitrose Car Park and I'll see what I can do.

The Home Secretary has said that he feels that rap music is heavily linked to the guns scene in this country, what are your views on gun crime links to rap etc?
Its rubbish, the man must be blind! Everyone knows you the place to get guns easily from that hunting lot.

Eminem has recently ventured into film with his life story "8 mile". Have you seen the film? Do you have any plans to make your own movie?
Well I can't talk about it too much but I am in discussions about it. Thinking of calling it 8 minutes based on the amount of time I can have between visits to the toilet!

Thanks for your time CJ, its been great to talk to you
Its been um whack man (I think that's the correct phrase amongst the young people), loved it. See you all at the next gig - it'll be Bomb (I say, old chap, you've said for me to say "bomb", why is that? you've not booked me in Baghdad have you!)
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