Development Fund 2003 - Draw 1

The first of the Development Fund draws took place at the Sports Ground on Saturday, with over 100 punters hopeful of paying off at least some of their early season bartab. In a refreshing break from tradition, the draws this year will be made by Club celebrities - this time it was the turn of none other than Emma Di Maria. Emma was the envy of her entire family as she was blindfolded and placed in a cricket bag with 100 numbered ping-pong balls, passing the winning three balls through a gap in the bag to Ben Sanger. The three lucky winners were:

1st Prize £100 - Eliot Lyndsay-Wood
2nd Prize £50 - Fleur Lem
3rd Prize £20 - Young Timmy Hunter

Thanks to all those who have bought tickets so far - this years fund has already raised over £2000 for the club - mid-draw tickets are available at £15 from Ben Sanger for the forthcoming draws.

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