Development Fund 2003 - Draw 2

Saturday saw the 2nd draw for the 2003 Development Fund. With Matt Allen donning his swimming trunks and customised "blindfold goggles", onlookers watched with baited breath as Matt plunged his face (with no regard for his world renowned bouffant) into icey water to draw forth this month's winner using the hallowed golden sieve..or for the less dramatic amongst you - he hooked up the winning balls using a 99p golden metal thing from kitchen matters out of a 2.99 paddling pool bought at G&Ts!

1st prize - 100 quid - Mary Gregory
2nd Prize - 50 quid - Aidan Lindsay Wood
3rd Prize - 20 quid - Hampshire Over 50sr

We can also confirm that the draw now has 101 members! An excellent achievement and thank you to all who have bought tickets – if you've missed out so far..remember that tickets for the last 2 draws are available at a discounted rate of just £10 per ticket!!!

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