New Faces, Old Faces - January 2003

With the New Year upon us its time to keep you all updated on the News / Home Page.

First of all, despite all the rumours running round the club towards the end of last season we are pleased to confirm that both Danny Peacock and Guy Hayward are remaining in their respective positions of First and Second Team Captain, also Glynn Treagas will also be staying as first team opener (rumours of his possible departure apparently put about by his agent in an attempt to negotiate an extra slice of cake at tea...he realised the futility of this when he saw that both Wayne, Wardey and Tres stood a good chance of all being in the first team with him!!)

We also have a new Club President in place, Brian Hobby. After years of hard work John Woolcot has decided to step down to spend more time with his gold capri. They'll be an update to the committee section of the website in the next few weeks.

In other news, Ben Sanger will be taking over the Development Fund from Tony Thorp and Lynn Ray. After their years of highly successful fund raising it will be quite a challenge for him to keep the cash rolling in but he informs us that "if it comes to just plain demanding money with menaces that's what will have to happen!" As always we are on the lookout for new players join the club, if you know anyone (or you're a visitor to the site looking for a new club!) remember the club encompasses players of all abilities and all ages (including an extensive Colts cricket set up), we off both League and Recreational cricket - just as importantly strong social scene and excellent bar facilities!!! As well as players joining the club, we are always happy to accept any volunteers for non playing functions such as catering and helping out with Club social evenings.

Well that's all the news for now, if you have anything else you think we should be making us aware of through the website please mail or

PS. Anybody want to be Third Team captain????

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