How Popular!!!?... February 2003

With the website up an running into its second season the question is just how popular is the Lymington CC website? Well the answer is BLOODY POPULAR, WHAT THE HELL DID YOU EXPECT!!!

But this isn't just one of our arrogant opinions that we spout 24/7, we can for a change back it up with some facts. Stats reports from the site show that since its launch visitors have downloaded over 18,000 pages! Visits for last year peaked with 4,560 page impressions in August! An aggregate of 410.195 megabytes of information and web pages have been downloaded from the site since its launch and an average of 2.125 megabytes being downloaded each day!

Interesting too are the ways in which the site can be reached. As well as just typing in into your web browser or accessing us through the Southern League website link, the website also comes up on a range of search engines, particularly in the worlds most popular search engine As you would expect we are located in search engines under the usual terms such as Lymington Cricket or Lymington as well as searches for Hampshire Cricket or New Forest Cricket.

However, we can also reveal that the site can be accessed through some more surprising routes through the use of search engines:

  • The most popular search criteria used to access the site in the last 7 days will come as no surprise to anyone.CRAIG and TAPPER!!!! What have you been up to Craig? just seeing how popular you are were you!!There was one search for LEGEND but that was probably Tapper who was gutted when he found it lead him to a page about Matt Molloy!!Trevor & Meg will be particularly pleased that the site has been accessed a number of times through a search for Woolston Ferry We think the Di Maria family have been on the internet because there is one search for Pizza It looks like our old friend Stu Simpkins has been looking at the site, judging by the number of times Throwing has been used to find the site (or maybe Jim has been looking for some lessons!!)Chrissy Hunt's one outing last season is obviously big news out there, as several people have been looking at the site through that route and Doug Spinney's wife must have been checking that he's told the truth about his weekends, as his player of the month award has been accessed through Google too!We had a good laugh when we found that we come up when you search for Bashley or Pylewell Cricket!
  • Our favourite however was the fact that if you put Kylies bottom into the search box on, comes back fourth on the list of results returned!!! (hopefully a reference to our extremely popular Australian Night report, but I'm sure a disappointment for a few lads sifting through the web out there).
These are the ones we've found but this isn't the end of it, we'd like you to mail us the most bizarre search criteria you've put in and still returned the! Just mail us at or with your search criteria and what search engine you went through. We'll publish the best ones on the website (but there's no prize, just the glory!)

Its good to see the website being such a roaring success both in terms of its use and its quality in comparison to many other sites (even those put forward by some of the Counties!) and don't worry we've got lots more ideas of things to add and new sections develop.

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