Match Report - Eight8 Tournament - 25th July 2004

With a few Lymington players assembled at the Sports Ground wondering how best to amuse themselves, the idea of an Eight8 tournament was suggested, based on the resurgent interest in the shorter game nationally sparked by Twenty20. With the bare minimum of personnel, Robin Goff volunteered to be both wicketkeeper and umpire for the day. This resulted in an unprecedented number of stumpings throughout the day, although also led to the unusual spectacle of an appeal for a catch behind being turned down by the person who made the appeal.

Batting in pairs, each team faced eight overs – one over from every other outfielder – but lost ten runs for every time dismissed. Not sure what a good score would be, Dom Di Maria and Scott Tapper started the proceedings but for every boundary hit by Di Maria, Tapper was promptly stumped or, failing that, run out, so that their gross score of 97 was reduced by 70. This game also saw the best bowling figures of the day as Tom Hill took two wickets to go for –13 off the over to add to his two catches in the same game! John McGuirk and Tom Thorp showed more restrain and despite scoring four less gross runs took a lead of 36. The secret of not getting out was further highlighted by Peter Tapper and Malcolm Douglas who raised the bar still further in posting 86. By contrast Geoff Renshaw and Mark Gannaway were on –3 after three overs. But the best was kept for last as Adi Hunt and Tom Hill were the only team to break the century mark, helped by the most expensive over of the day, which yielded 31 runs.

Mark Gannaway

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