Medical Bulletin - Tony Wharton

Tony while uprightI had my new replacement left hip fitted on Wednesday 13th October at Southampton General Hospital and released from hospital on Wednesday 20th October. The nurses and doctors in pre and post operation period were excellent and even the food was superb. We are very lucky to have the NHS (having experienced hospitals abroad)

Everything going well with the physiotherapy exercises and Sybil has been looking after me very well but I have to be careful that I do not dislocate the hip in the early weeks by twisting the leg (so no dancing!), crossing the left leg over the right one and the left thigh must not be at less than 90 degrees (so no bending down). I am unable to drive for another 4 weeks so I am relying on transport from other people in the meantime.

I have been able to start my new job helping Susan Ferguson (Major Ron's widow) with the Major's Dummer Cricket Centre ( It is a wonderful facility south of Basingstoke in beautiful farm surroundings at Dummer Farm set up by the Major 10 years ago. My brief is to reduce costs and increase revenue by way of more Corporate cricket events etc. If you wish to visit the number is 01256 397814

I would like to thank the club for its get well card and cards from members as well as good wishes from colts' parents.

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