Flares light up the end of season party!

Despite a distinct lack of silverware this summer, Lymington cricketers gathered in numbers last Saturday to celebrate the end of another season. It's unlikely that the Sports Ground has ever witnessed anything like it (well, not since the Seventies anyway) as the clubhouse was awash with flares, afro wigs and enough static-electricity producing nylon to run a small power station for a week. As the photos illustrate, many members such as Meg Gannaway and Jerry Holt chose the glam option, while others such as Chris and Jan Hunt went for a Flower Power theme. Meanwhile Tony Wharton opted for an afro wig and tie-dye beatnik smock, which made him look spookily like Cleo Laine in pyjamas!

The entertainment was provided by talented singer-songwriter Jason Noble, and by Nick Lee who had the clubhouse rocking with his Beatles renditions. The club was then treated to a special appearance by Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne (looking suspiciously like Bob and Suzie Iles). They performed their hit song 'Changes' which may or may not have been a reference to the various key changes that Bob inserted during the song. A special Seventies Quiz was won by Karl Whatham who correctly guessed that Tony Jenkin's combover was precisely 9 inches long in the Seventies.

Of course, no end-of-season party would be complete without the total and utter humiliation of the overseas player . . . and this year's was no exception! Amazingly Karl Whatham once again fell for the Spoons game - even though he was stitched up by the same game just a few weeks ago! Even more baffling was the fact that Meg then duped the dippy Aussie in the Copy Cat game - despite the fact that Meg had actually explained the rules to him only a few days before. We can't reveal the full details of the Copy Cat game, but let's just say that Karl will be wearing more than one pair of underpants wherever he goes from now on!

The evening rapidly degenerated as the happy hour kicked in. Legendary Lymington drinker Richard Bodley-Scott made a welcome guest appearance and soon organised various drinking games. Sadly, there's always likely to be casualties in such a high-risk sport, and Saturday was no exception. Kiwi Newton was the first to go down, just failing to reach the Gents in time before his downed pint returned to haunt him. Craig Tapper soon suffered a similar fate, although his sickness may have been brought about by the sight of Neil Trestrail's bare chest rather than too much alcohol. Then expert rower Ian Young landed awkwardly in the coxless Wibbly Wobbly game and suffered a badly bruised shoulder which forced him to miss the President's Day match. There was just time for Chris Noble to give a rousing rendition of the Lymington Song (and drench everyone with beer in the process) before those still standing attempted to make their weary way home.

All in all it was a great night, and it made us wonder just what sort of party we might have if Lymington actually win something one day!





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