Nutt Aid 2004

Lymington Cricket Club went completely nutty last Saturday night - and it wasn't anything to do with Peter Tapper's career-best 6 for 27 achieved earlier in the day! It was more to do with the fund-raising evening being held for Chris Nutt and his family who recently suffered a terrible stroke of bad luck when their credit cards were stolen and a substantial amount of money removed from their bank account.

Super Lew'Nutt Aid' featured musical interludes from Super Lewis Gregory and Jason Noble (who also performed some baffling magical tricks), as well as competitions and some very dodgy singing from Meg Gannaway. A tasty selection of food was supplied by 'Wendy Woo's Drive-Thru'.


The first of the competitions saw Scott Tapper triumph in the 'Lob the peanut into your father's mouth' game, although in fairness to the other competitors he did have a bigger target area! Bob Iles then cleaned up (literally) in the 'Eating a bowl of peanuts with a pair of chopsticks' game. The 'Name that Nut' quiz was won initially by Karl Whatham until it was discovered that the cheating Aussie had actually written all the answers down AFTER they had been read out! The Brigadier took first prize in the sweepstake after pulling the day's top scorer Adie Hunt out of the hat.


Bob cleans up

On the musical front Jason Noble performed one of his own compositions while Meg Gannaway (dressed up as Bob Iles doing an impression of Demis Rousos doing an impression of Topol!) made Nutty feel a whole lot better by singing 'If I was a rich man'. Chris Noble rounded off the evening with a rousing rendition of the Lymington Song, which culminated in Lew Gregory pouring a jug of water over his head.

The evening raised £75 for Chris who was clearly touched by his fellow members' kindness and generosity. Chris has made a big impression in his first season with the club with his enthusiastic approach to the game and willingness to help out off the the field. On Saturday he played his best innings for the club, scoring a vital 36 for the Second XI as they overcame United Services.

Chris Nutt - Happy


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