Match Report - Fourth XI - 16th July 05
Lymington v Beaulieu

Side Batting First: Lymington 166 for 7
Side Batting Second: Beaulieu 167 for 4

Upon winning the toss, the Lymington skipper knew he would be lynched if he made any decision other than batting first, as the sun beat relentlessly down. So it was the Lymington batsman walked out accompanied by the strains of the Beaulieu Band that were playing at the fete in the neighbouring Palace grounds. It seemed for a while that the music was rousing the batsmen to great, if slightly ponderous, feats, before J Clark (3-40) made breakthroughs. Once again Mark Gannaway (55) let the side down by getting out when well set and his departure to P O'Driscoll (4-42) left Lymington short of where they otherwise would have been, despite some late carnage from Elliott Lindsay-Wood (21no).

Beaulieu, clearly appreciating the need to keep wickets in hand, also batted cautiously at first, and by the time that Roger Porter (32) was dismissed, the home side were well set. Despite the best efforts of Luigi Di Maria (2-34), Beaulieu were able to provide the impetus they needed at just the right time, and Gerry Rickman (23no) guided them home with an over to spare.

BEST OF THE WEEK: M Gannaway (Lymington) 55

Mark Gannaway

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