Match Report - Under 11a- 1st May 05
Lymington v BAT
New Forest Colts Cricket Association League


Lymington batted first with Adam Welch and Sam Moss batting together as the first pair. After 4 overs the score was 207 and the next pair David Cureton and Oliver Wiltshire batted extremely well and put on a further 20. Nicky Elliott and Simon Lowe were both dismissed twice so the score reduced to 215 after 12 overs. Alan Maher and Michael Lowe batted well but the latter was dismissed twice and the final score after 16 overs was 212.

In reply BAT struggled against the bowling of Adam Welch (3 overs 2 for 12), Sam Moss (3 overs 2 for 12), David Cureton(3 overs 0 for 11), Nicky Elliott (2 overs 1 for 3), Oliver Wiltshire ( 3 overs 1 for 7), Simon Lowe ( 1 over 0 for 7) and Alan Maher (1 over 0 for 2) but their final pair reached the Lymington score.

Tony Wharton


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