Match Reports - South Hampshire Indoor League Div 1 - 2004-5

24 Oct 04 - Lymo WON: Sarisbury A 131 for 4 - Lymington 132 for 2 in 10 overs    League

Lymington got the indoor season off to a good start with a convincing win over Sarisbury A. All the bowlers got hit for a few with Glyn the most economical with 21 for 2 in 3 overs, there were 27 extras evenly spread around. The batting however was spot on, Glyn Treagus and Ben Craft both retired on 25 and 30 respectively. Christian Pain 13 (B), Dave Griffiths 6 (RO), Alex Treagus 16 and Lloyd Scott 15 all kept the rate moving along well ahead of the target rate. 131 was passed with 2 overs to spare with Lloyd hitting a 6 to administer the coop'de gra.


7 Nov 04 - Lymo WON: Trojans CC 117 for 4 - Lymington CC 119 for 0    League

Trojans batted first and lost an early wicket with a needless run out. Christian Pain ( 3 overs 0 for 23) bowled tightly but Glyn Treagus (3 overs 0 for 32) was unusually wayward in his first 2 overs. Alex Treagus (3 overs 1 for 26) after his first over bowled economically and picked up a wicket in his 3 rd over. Young Lloyd Scott (3 overs 0 for 33) bowled well but was penalised with 4 wides. Dave Griffiths kept well behind the wicket and Trojans finished with 117 for 4 in their 12 overs.

In reply Glyn Treagus (26 not out) and Ben Craft (29 not out) did not let the Trojans bowlers settle down and Glyn retired to allow Christian Pain (28 not out) to come in and also punish the bowling. Ben Craft finished the game off with 2 fours, passing the opposition total in the 9th over without losing a wicket.


21 Nov 04 - Lymo LOST: BAT B CC 126 for 2 - Lymo 125 for 5     League

Lymington's successful start to the South Hampshire Indoor Cricket League season was halted by an under par performance against BAT's second string team. BAT 'B' batted first and led by Simon Preston (25 not out) they accumulated 126 for 2 in their 12 overs thanks mainly to some misguided bowling by the Lymington bowlers with 35 wides. Glyn Treagus (3 overs 0 for 35), Christian Pain (3 overs 1 for 31), Alex Treagus (3 overs 0 for 40) and Ben Craft (3 overs 1 for 26).

In reply for Lymington Glyn Treagus retired on 25 in the 4th over but Ben Craft (12) and Christian Pain(4) soon departed before Neil Trestrail (21) and Scott Sivier (20) repaired the damage taking the score to 105 for 4 after 10 overs. This brought back in Glyn Treagus (44 not out) and requiring a six off the last ball unfortunately Lymington finished at 125 for 5 two runs short of a win.


12 Dec 04 Lymo WON: Paultons CC 107 for 5 - Lymington CC 109 for 5     League

Dave Griffiths steered Lymington home with 3 balls to spare and one wicket remaining in a tense finish. Chasing Paultons total of 105 for 5 Lymington were in trouble at 91 for 5 with 3 overs left but using his years of experience Dave Griffiths (15 not out) managed to get the required runs to win a close match by one wicket.

Bashley bound Glyn Treagus (24) was the only batsman to construct an innings with Ben Craft (10), Christian Pain (7), Alex Treagus (3) all perishing against the Paultons attack. Kiwi bound Mark Newton(14) was the only other batsman to offer support.

Earlier Paultons had scored 107 for 5 off their allotted overs. The Lymington bowlers were much more accurate this week in only bowling 2 wides having conceded 9 wides in the previous match. Glyn Treagus (3 overs 1 for 24), Christian Pain (3 overs 0 for 19), Alex Treagus ( 3 overs 0 for 36) and Ben Craft (3 overs 0 for 16) all bowling well.


16 Jan 05 Lymo WON: BAT B 107 for 5 - Lymington 108 for 4     South Hampshire Hendy Ford Indoor Cricket KO

Young Lloyd Scott shines for Lymington in Cup
Lymington moved into the Quarter Finals of the South Hampshire Indoor KO by defeating BAT 'B' off the last ball. Lymington required 3 runs to win with one ball remaining and Mark Newton (18 not out) duly hit the ball for 3 to win.

Earlier the Lymington bowlers kept the opposition tied down to 107 for 5 with Glyn Treagus (3 overs 0 for 15), Christian Pain (2 overs 0 for 15), Alex Treagus (2 overs 0 for 28) and Ben Craft (2 overs 1 for 22) but the pick of the bowlers was Hampshire Under 16 trialist Lloyd Scott (3 overs 1 for 19).

In reply Glyn Treagus (1) was bowled in the first over but Ben Craft (27 not out) and Christian Pain (16) steadied the side after the early loss. Young all-rounder Lloyd Scott (20) under great pressure batted extremely well including hitting one 6 onto the back wall and requiring 11 to win off the last over Alex Treagus (2) was run out with 2 balls left before Newton did his heroics.


30 Jan 05 Lymo LOST: Lymington 81 for 5 - BAT A 82 for 5

Lymington almost defeated the unbeaten BAT side in a low scoring closely fought match. Lymington batted first and started badly with Ben Craft (0) being caught and Glyn Treagus (10) out caught as well at 32. Christian Pain ( 15 not out) and Mark Newton (18) repaired the early damage but previous match star young Lloyd Scott (0) and Alex Treagus (8) were unable to post a large total and finished on 81 for 5 after 12 overs.

Although Christian Pain was unable to bowl BAT lost an early wicket to the opening attack of Glyn Treagus ( 3overs 1 for 13) and Ben Craft ( 3overs 0 for 15). After 6 overs only 28 runs had been scored but unfortunately Lloyd Scott ( 2 overs 1 for 29), Alex Treagus (2 overs 0 for 11) and Mark Newton (1.2 overs 0 for 13) were unable to bowl tightly as required and conceded a total of 9 wide balls with BAT winning in the last over.

Lymington with 2 defeats any slim hopes of winning the League now rest on the next match versus unbeaten Winchester.


Sunday 21 Feb 05: Lymo LOST: Winchester CC 137 ao - Lymington CC 75 for 4

Any hopes Lymington had of winning the Indoor League disappeared against a strong Winchester side (former National and European Indoor winners) losing by 62 runs.

Their only hopes now of a trophy are the cup having moved into the semi-finals on Sunday 20 th March by a getting bye against Paultons B who were unable to raise a side in the quarter finals.

Christian Pain ( 3 overs 1 for 21) opened the bowling and kept the run rate down but uncharacteristically Glyn Treagus( 3 overs 1 for 35) conceded 3 wides in his first over allowing Winchester to increase their run rate. Ben Craft (3 overs 0 for 27) and Alex Treagus (3 overs 0 for 54) failed to stop the flow of runs and Winchester amassed 137 all out.

In reply Glyn Treagus (14) and Ben Craft (7) were unable to give Lymington the necessary start to overhaul the target and although Christian Pain (16 not out) batted steadily assisted by Dave Griffiths (7), Alex Treagus (3) and last minute substitute Dave Coles (3 not out), the team finished up on 75 for 4.

The final League match is on Sunday 6th March against the Southampton Institute with the Indoor KO cup being the only chance of a medal on Sunday 20 th March at Fleming Park, Eastleigh.


Sunday 21 Mar 05- CUP Semi-Final: Lymington CC 73ao - Winchester CC 74 for 0

Lymo were soundly beaten by a very strong Winchester side which included Hampshire fast bowler Billy Taylor. Lymo batting first were in some trouble straight away after the early loss of Glyn, bowled to a ball he didn't pick up. Winchester's pacy bowling attack had a definite edge in the poorly lit Fleming Park, particularly after the repainting of the hall in darker shades of green. A situation exasperated by Winchester playing in dark green kit! All the batsmen struggled to pick up any ball pitched up and a total score of 73 all out told the tail, 3 of the team were clean bowled. Winchester ran the target down at a steady rate with only a couple of run out scares along the way.

Winchester went on to win in the final against BAT A .


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