Hotel bed shortage reaches crisis point in Lymington!
Christian Pain found a novel way of getting round the area's chronic shortage of hotel accommodation following the club's end of season party last Saturday night. Team-mate Ian Young bet him that he wouldn't spend the whole night under the covers on the square. Sure enough, the recently engaged all rounder took up the challenge and was still sound asleep when the covers were removed at 9am the following morning. Unfortunately, Kish hadn't realised that the wicket had been watered the previous evening and awoke to find his brand new sleeping bag covered in mud!



Once again the spoons game claimed another unsuspecting victim during the party. Birthday boy Bryn Darbyshire may have been a dab hand with the bat this season, but as the photo shows, he proved to be pretty useless with a spoon and spent the best part of quarter of an hour being belted over the head by Tony Jenkin before finally realising that he'd been had!

Steady on there Jenk's


'You did what with that doll, you cannot be serious'


The biggest shock of the night - and perhaps the whole season - came in the boat race drinking game when seasoned drinker Bob Iles was by far the slowest competitor to down his pint, thus costing his team the chance of victory. Rumours that Bob had earlier been spotted outside Ladbrokes with suspicious looking Malaysian businessmen have so far been unconfirmed.



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