Match Report - Under 11a- 16 Jul 06
New Forest Colts Cricket Association League

Lymington win the league title with 100% record

Lymington 270 - Michelmersh and Timsbury 233

Lymington skipper K Moors won the toss and asked M & T to bat first. With C Haining (2-0-9-0)bowling for the first time and J Cartwright (3-0-9-2) M & T found the going tough. J Roberts(2-0-4-0) just refused to give runs away and A Drodge (3-1-9-4) stepping up a gear and taking wickets M & T found themselves on 205 after 8 overs. Skipper Moors in tandem with his younger brother C Moors carried on the tidy bowling, and when F Ambrose finished the innings off only C Hurle (10) managed to get into double figures, leaving M & T on 233 after their 16 overs.

The dynamic opening partnership of A Drodge(20) and K Moors(13) passed the M & T total in the fourth over with a combination of quick singles and good shot selection. If Lymington thought it was all over they were in for a shock, as J Bull (2-0-9-1) and L Adey (1-0-4-2) hit back. Despite this J Cartwright and J Quigley managed to push the score up to 242 after 8 overs. C Haining(8) and C Moors batted sensible to see Lymington through the 250 mark, assuring Lymington of maximum points. J Roberts(7) and F Ambrose (10) were the icing on the cake taking Lymington to 270.

This was the Lymington U11a teams last league game of the season. The league season has seen them go unbeaten with maximum points, a feat down to team performance not individuals. With four of the team remaining in the U11 ranks next season things are looking good at Lymington.


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