Match Report - Under 13b - 31 May 07
New Forest Colts Cricket Association - Under 13s


Lymington U13b 90 Lymington U13a 116

The very local derby we have all been waiting for!

Winning the toss and batting first the “A-team” quickly realised that coupled with a slow wicket and accurate bowling, keeping the bragging rights for the season was not a foregone conclusion. A. Drodge (27) batted sensibly and was unlucky to be run-out having anchored the early batting. O. Wiltshire (13) batted well until he tried to pick the pace up where he was bowled by A. Welch (3-0-13-1). J. Roberts (18) continued to keep the scoreboard ticking whilst D. Cureton (12 all boundaries) tried to accelerate. Cometh the hour, cometh the man, and A. Maher (17 n/o) strode to the wicket having been promoted from his normal lowly position. Showing none of the concerns displayed by the “higher order batsman” he deposited the ball to all parts. The A-team eventually closed on 116 with S. Wilmslow (2-0-13-1), F. Ambrose (2-0-11-1) and J. Bowring (2-0-23-1) taking a wicket a piece.

If this score was supposed to intimidate the B's someone forgot to tell A. Welch (15) and the D. Cooper (30 retired) as they merrily struck the ball past the diving fielders with aplomb. Unfortunately, after that only J. Bowring (16) was able to continue in the same vein as wickets tumbled steadily. The match ended with two run-outs in consecutive balls as the B's tried for an elusive fifth batting point. L. Karey (2-0-9-2), F. Mann (2-1-8-2), K. Moors (2-0-14-2), J. Cartwright (3-0-10-1) and J. Roberts (3-0-18-1) shared the wickets, whilst A. Maher (2-1-4-0) strangled the top order until his removal from the attack.

This match was played in an exceptionally good spirit, with a very high standard of cricket on display from both sides. Both teams are a credit to Lymington Cricket Club and on this note the future Lymington CC seems to be in good hands.

Lymington U13b 8 Points Lymington U13a 20 Points



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