Match Report - Under 9 - 1 June 07
New Forest Colts Cricket Association League

Michelmersh & Timsbury U9s v Lymington U9s

Michelmersh & Timsbury 198 Lymington 313

Losing the toss Lymington were inserted on the second artificial wicket in two weeks. All the Lymington pairings advanced the score building up to a thumping 40 run partnership between A. Drodge and F. Ambrose (23) who made the most of bowling that he could reach. Helped by 65 extras the Lymington batsmen showed great control rather than being frustrated by very indifferent bowling which was often so wide it endangered the out-fielders. Remarkably, Lymington failed to lose any wickets, the first Lymington team playing pairs cricket to achieve this.

Michelmersh & Timsbury (M & T) found a very different story when confronted by the Lymington bowlers. F. Ambrose (3-1-1-1) and E. Collison (2-0-4-1) were the wicket takers, and backed up by the economical A. Drodge (3-2-3-0), G. Miller (2-1-1-0), S. Paxton (2-0-4-0), K. Evans (2-0-6-0) and A. Mc Gregor (2-0-5-0), they strangled any hope M & T had of winning the game. Such was the fielding that there was four run outs. Another very satisfactory win for the unbeaten Lymington team.

Michelmersh & Timsbury 0 Points Lymington 15 Points



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