Match Report - Third XI - 12 May 07
Hampshire Cricket League - South West 3

Side Batting First: Lymington 142 for 6
Side Batting Second: Ellingham 129 all out

After the heavy rain during the week and overnight it was a toss that both skippers were anxious to win and so it was with some trepidation that the Lymington batsmen walked to the crease have been asked to bat. Certainly runs were at a premium early on and when Mark Gannaway (21) was dismissed just before drinks, Lymington had a mere 52 runs to their name. Tom Thorp
(41) continued to delight the eye, unfurling some glorious square drives, and even if the weather was still dull, Lymington’s prospects were looking brighter. Despite the best efforts of John McGuirk (45), he received little support from the middle order to leave Lymington a total of 142.

Although on paper not a great score, the conditions and size of the boundary meant that, although survival was not particularly difficult, scoring runs was more of a challenge. That this was the case was amply illustrated by Luigi Di Maria, who bowled his 12 overs straight through taking three wickets but, perhaps more crucially, conceding only 6 runs. At drinks Ellingham had only scored at 1.6 runs per over and now required 5.6, but they continued their policy of slow accumulation so that, by the time that Nick Elliott (1-41) had completed his spell they needed almost as many of the last 9 overs as they had scored off the previous 33. With Jacob Leigh
(2-15) also withdrawn from the attack, the Ellingham made one last push for victory but the fall of steady wickets meant that the last man was run out off the last ball with 13 runs still needed.



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