Lymington Cricket Club - Season 2006-7
South Hampshire Indoor Cricket League Division One

Games played at Fleming Park
Captain: Christian Pain - Tel: 07771 904740

Current League Positions

Date Opposition Type Start Result
Oct 1 BAT A L   Lost, well beaten
Oct 15 Team Solent A L 20:15 Lost having scored 138!
Nov 5 Team Solent B L 20:15 Lost, well beaten
Nov 19 Hedge End A L 19:15 Lost by 1 run, all out in the last over, should have won as they only scored 87
Jan 28 Sarisbury Stallions L 18:15 Lost, well beaten. Sarisbury's score of 121 proved too much
Feb 4 Hedge End A C 21:15 Lost, kept Hedge End down to 107 but the team failed to reach the modest target
Feb 18 BAT B L 20:15 Lost, good game went down to the wire but we lost again.
Mar 4 Winchester L 21:15 Forfeited - arranged to play at wrong time!
Mar 25 Hampshire Hogs L 20:15 Lost with 3 balls to go in last over having scored 129
Apr 1 Finals Night C    
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