A big welcome for a big Aussie!

It was as if he'd never been away. Tim Smith - one of Lymington's favourite former overseas players - rolled into the Sports Ground last weekend in typically rumbustious style after a ten year absence. Predictably, mayhem ensued as many of Tim's former friends and teammates gathered for a special Aussie theme night in his honour.

Now Director of Cricket at Sydney grade club Balmain, Tim and girlfriend Melissa flew into the UK the previous day ahead of the Ex-Lymington match last Sunday. Even the unflappable Aussie was surprised by the warmth of the greeting after all this time.

Tim Smith the Model


Among the activities during a fairly raucous evening was a Rolf Harris style painting competition with Tim as the model (thankfully, for once he kept his clothes on). Appropriately it was the artistically named Sam Raphael who won the contest with a kind of Salvador Dali meets Picasso meets Damian Hurst type picture. Sam also proved to be a dab hand on the didgeriedoo, but was not so clever when he and his fellow Aussies failed miserably in their attempts to remember the words to their country's national anthem (although ironically they did all know OUR national anthem off by heart!). Not to be left out, New Zealander Mark Newton performed a particularly scary Haka.

Mellissa with pic of Tim
Wobby on the Didgeriedoo
Sam shows how it's done


The highlight of the evening for many was the 'Mr & Mrs' contest to see which of the Antipodean men present was the most romantic. Yet again Sam came out on top, so to speak, although there may not be many takers the next time Sam offers anyone a lift home following the revelation that he and girlfriend Ashley were once caught in an uncompromising position in an Adelaide car park. Tim Smith was slightly less romantic than Sam, forgetting the name of his partner's favourite perfume. The big man did redeem himself, however, by revealing that he would rather take his beloved out for a candlelit dinner than accept the offer of a complimentary corporate ticket to a big rugby league match including free bar and eat-as-much-as-you-like buffet! The least romantic couple of all were Mark Newton and Christian Pain, although this was hardly surprising since Kish was a late replacement for Kiwi's soon-to-be wife Claire who definitely made the correct decision when she decided not to turn up!


The following day Tim sadly failed to reproduce the form of ten years ago (when he scored more than 600 runs and finished top of the Hampshire League averages) and made just 15 on a particularly tricky damp Sports Ground wicket. Indeed, at one point he was nearly pinned by a lifter from one of his former best buddies Eddie Freeman. However, there was to be a fitting end to Tim's weekend back in Lymington when he discovered a parking ticket on his hired Thorp Motors Mercedes.... just one more to add to the sizeable collection of parking tickets he accumulated ten years ago!


Nobel on the prowl!

Glynee Osey
Adie very drunk...
Kiwi doing the Haka
Great Scott!
Beauty and the Beast!
The Aussie Singers
Sam and Ashley



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