Match Report - Under 9 - 23 May 08
New Forest Colts Cricket Association League

Lymington Mash Michelmersh and Timsbury

Michelmersh and Timsbury 169. Lymington 301.

M & Ts fielded a young side that were soon in trouble losing 2 wickets in their first over. Unfortunately that was the sign of things to come, as the Lymington bowling, backed up with excellent fielding never allowed their opponents to settle. Mention must be made to K Evans whose wicket keeping resulted in 3 stumpings. Lymington's bowling was accurate with B Sykes (2-1-2-2), J Morgan (3-0-8-1), S Paxton (2-1-1-2) V Falso (2-0-12-0), E Collison (2-1-2-1), A Drodge (3-2-4-2) and F Ambrose (2-2-0-1) all bowling so well it would be unfair to pick anyone out.

Lymingtons batsmen started rapidly, E Collison (12) and J Morgan (3) giving the innings a great start, work that was continued by S Paxton (3) and V Falso (2). Acceleration came in the form of K Evans (15) and B Sykes (10) who scored 32 from their 4 overs, only to be topped by F Ambrose (14) and A Drodge (11) who achieved 35 from their 4 overs.

Yet another fine team performance, with all members of the team playing for each other.




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