Development Fund 2008

The Development Fund was launched in 1995 in order to provide the facilities consistent with the stature of Lymington Cricket Club. Since its inception, the Development Fund has raised more than £16,000 and has enabled the Club to improve facilities at the Sports Ground for all sections of the Club. The fund has so far financed the acquisition of new sightscreens, two new artificial practice wickets, a water hog to mop up surface water on the square, and Covers to protect the square, which were essential to satisfy the strict regulations to gain Gold Accreditation, imposed by the Southern League. Last year funds helped to finance a new scoreboard, bowling machine and double garage to store our chattels. In 2008 our aim was to raise enough funds to purchase new netting for our artificial practice nets.

As the result of lots of drive and enthusiasm in recruiting new members by our Chairman we raised over £2000. Membership stands at 113 and we are looking to increase that number in 2009.

Of course, as well as raising vital funds for the development of the Club, the Fund has paid out prize money of £640 per year and we list the 2008 winners. There is no doubt that looking after this fund raiser increases your chances of winning!


         May           June         July                August

£100 A Treagus   P Stump    L Jenkin            A Mann
£50   A Thorp      P Tapper   J Stevenson       D Griffiths
£20   D Phillips    A Treagus S Ormsby-Rivers M Chandler

There are now four draws, which will take place during the cricket season at the Clubhouse on the final Saturday of each month. Please read the notice boards for updates. The prize money for each draw has been increased to £100, £50 and £20, while the subscription to the Development Fund has been capped at a modest £20.

Please read the current rules and contact Peter Tapper who has agreed to act as our Club Development Fund Manager.

Peter Tapper
Club Development Fund Manager

The Development Fund was established in 1995 to provide funds for Lymington Cricket club

To raise funds for Lymington Cricket club in order to further develop the game by providing facilities consistent with the stature of L.C.C.


1. The Development Fund shall consist of a minimum of 80 members
2. Each member contributes an annual subscription of £20. Fees are payable in advance
3. If fees are not received prior to the draw and the member wins, all outstanding monies will be deducted from the prize money
4. Draws will take place monthly during May, June, July and August. All members are invited.
5. If more than two installments are outstanding the membership number will be excluded from the draw
6. At least 33% of subscriptions will be allocated as prize money

How to join
Contact Peter Tapper, for details see contacts

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