Hugo takes the high road for charity!

Colts parent and club shirt sponsor Hugo Ambrose recently completed a marathon sponsored cycle ride from Land's End to John O'Groats.

The 874 mile journey, which has raised a magnificent £20,000 for the British Heart Foundation, took just nine days despite strong headwinds from start to finish. Hugo and his four fellow riders were given admirable back-up all the way by his support crew who were none other than Olympic sailing stars the Ying Ling Girls (aka Three Blondes and a Boat). The team had just one mishap along the way when one of the cyclists was forced to dive for cover to avoid being squashed by a lorry outside Preston. That apart, the journey was relatively uneventful, although there was the memorable occasion when the Scottish police closed off the Forth Road Bridge so the cyclists could all cross unimpeded by traffic. According to Hugo, some of the locals were less than impressed to have their journeys delayed by a bunch of Englishmen on pushbikes! The precipitous slopes of the Helmsdale Hills in the far north of Scotland proved to be the toughest section of the ride, but they also produced the fastest speeds of the whole trip - an incredible 48mph.

Hugo is no stranger to grueling endurance events, having rowed across the Atlantic a few years ago. He says that at the end of every sponsored ride people always claim that they will never get back on a bike - but after a little while they always start to look forward to the next one. "It shows what can be achieved when one puts their mind to it - it's a real triumph of mind over body."

Last Sunday Hugo was at Langley Manor to watch his sons play for Lymington Under 13s in the New Forest cup final. He stayed long enough to see Louis collect the cup and Felix pick up the man of the match award, before making his way back to Lymo... by bike, of course!

Anyone interested in sponsoring Hugo can contact him via Hugo also heads up an organisation called BeNumber1 which helps British sportsmen and women achieve funding ahead of the 2012 London Olympics. Details can be found on their website at

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