Rampant Smith makes history at the Sports Ground!

Pete Smith yesterday became the first cricketer in the 169 year history of Lymington Sports Ground to hit six sixes in just one over. The historic over came as Lymington piled up 275 for 2 against tourists Shooters Hill, and it included two mighty blows into the tennis courts, two into the car park and one huge strike which apparently landed in the football pitch penalty area at the Avenue Road end of the ground! The final six was somewhat modest in comparison, and was actually caught by the fielder at long on who tumbled over the boundary line with the ball in hand. Pete went on to complete a century in just 30 balls and one particularly large six very nearly dislodged the tiles on a nearby rooftop that had only just been inserted to replace the ones Pete damaged during his first innings at the Sports Ground last month!

Pete was understandably gobsmacked by his record-breaking achievement. His previous best back in Australia was three sixes in one over, and he admitted that it was only when the fifth six sailed over the boundary that he began to think about completing the full set. "I just decided to swing the bat and hope for the best" admitted the giant Aussie. "I didn't catch it cleanly and it was touch and go if it would carry over the line. The bloke on the boundary tried to catch it but carried it over the line and tripped over the car park sign and ended in a heap on the floor. It wasn't perhaps the classiest way to notch up your sixth six in an over!"

Ironically, Pete doesn't hold the Lymington record for most sixes in one over. That distinction belongs to Chairman Peter Tapper who memorably struck SEVEN sixes in one eight-ball over of an away Midweek League match a few years ago (he scored a single off the eighth ball to keep the strike, by the way!).

For the record, Lymington could only draw yesterday's match as the visitors from London held out at 240 for 9 at the close. Earlier, Will Naylor (83) and Ed Molloy (51) had given Lymo a solid start before Smith launched his firework display.


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