Lymington Cricket Club Colts Section

About the Colts
Colts on all ages are welcome to join Lymington Cricket Club. The club has a thriving colts section which fields teams in the New Forest leagues and Cup competitions at Under 11 (2 teams), Under 13 and Under 15s. The Club uses ECB qualified coaches at all ages to coach the Juniors as well as parents who are keen to help. Many of the clubs senior players have taken the ECB coaching exams and are using their time, effort and considerable expertise to help the youngsters learn the game in a safe way.

The result of the policy of using trained coaches is that a number of colts have developed considerable skill and have gone on to play at district level and also at county level. Almost every year one or more of Lymington' colts teams goes on to win the league or cup and sometimes both. Some of the clubs coaches also manage the New Forest district sides and the club has close connections with Hampshire Cricket Club.

There is pre season training for all ages and dedicated colts training nights at the Sport Ground during the season.

Due to the senior members commitment to development of the colts as the future lifeblood of this long established club there is close integration between the colts and senior teams. It's the club's policy to give the colts the opportunity to play senior cricket as soon as their ability allows, this provides a great on the field learning experience for the youngsters as they are encouraged to play a full part in the games. Participation in the senior games generally starts with the Sunday friendlies and then as their skills develop on to the Saturday Fourths, Thirds and so on. Generally a number of the under 13s and under 15s play in the Sunday friendlies, a number of the under 15s play regularly in the Fourths and Thirds and some of the most talented even in the Seconds.

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