Lymington Cricket Club Songbook

A few of the songs that can be heard in the bar at the Sports Ground from time to time.

Lovely Lymington
John McGuirk
Three puffs on his pipe
Jerry Holt
Super Lewis Gregory
Bohemian Tapsody
Healey's Rockingham/Mandurah Club Song
Woolston Ferry
Nissan Micra Song (for Pete Smith)
Pete's Slogging Song

The Lovely Lymington Song

Everywhere we go; everywhere we go
People want to know; people want to know
Who we are; who we are
Where we come from; where we come from
So we tell them; so we tell them
We're from Lymington; we're from Lymington
Lovely, lovely Lymington; lovely, lovely Lymington
And if they cannot hear us; and if they cannot hear us
We shout a little louder; we shout a little louder

(Repeat ad nauseum - usually about 20 minutes!)

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John McGuirk (to the tune of 'Robin Hood')

John McGuirk, John McGuirk,
Guinness, Becks and port
John McGuirk, John McGuirk,
Lager by the quart,
Bitter, whiskey, wine,
meths and turpentine
Guirky's pissed, Guirky's pissed, Guirky's pissed.

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Jerry Holt

He's tall, he's posh,
He's got a big moustache,
Jerry Holt, Jerry Holt

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Lew Gregory

Lew, Lew, Super Lew
Lew, Lew, Super Lew
Lew, Lew, Super Lew
Super Lewis Gregory

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Wildthing (Dedicated to Allan Spencer)

Wildthing - you make my pitch spin
You roll everything . . . smoothly
Wildthing - I think I love you
But I need to know for sure

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Healey's Rockingham/Mandurah Club Song

We're the Mariner Men in maroon, white and blue
When we take to the field we just know what to do
We get all the runs and we take a great catch
And after the game we get all the snatch

Up, down, running around
Hitting the ferrets right out of the ground
We are a colourful group
We're the Mariner Men,
We're the Mariner Men,
We're the Mariner Men . . .
in maroon . . . white . . . and blue!

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